Monday, 23 June 2014

Headed south - Paris mountain and how Greenville does downtown

In a couple of hours we were in Greenville navigating our way through very Southern country homes and farms on our way to Paris Mountain national park the twists and turns finally delivered us at our destination. A pretty little park where we were lucky to get the last campsite for the weekend not to mention some free fire wood, we got there early enough to get everything set up and the desk clerk suggested a nearby BBQ place Hennery's smoke house. An understated shack on the side of the road where a smiling pig proclaimed it to be Hog heaven home of Hennery's Hogs we gorged our selves  on smoky ribs and hog sandwiches and tasty home made mac and cheese and slaw sides washed down with sweet tea and topped off with peach cobbler for desert . When Calhoun asked what the types of sauces were called the waitress answered in a southern drawl "hot and mild", non the less there was a distinct Carolina style to the whole meal that was non short of charming .
Our second night Calhoun was desperate to try out the projector and screen so after a bit of humming and hawing we were eating tacos and watching Star Wars at our camp site much to the amusement of other campers and one very excited park ranger who pulled over to snap pictures for the parks web site. 
We spent four days in Paris Mountain relaxing , working on merchandise for the online store and swimming in the Carolinas oldest swimming hole, and despite a medley of barking dogs and children we enjoyed our stay the luxury of having clean showers running water and power is not to be underestimated.
After checking out we decided to venture into downtown Greenville we had heard it was a lovely and it did not disappoint with a extensive downtown park and waterfall system we spent most of the afternoon walking the parks many picturesque walkways and the city's pretty little tree lined streets, unfortunately you need a permit to busk in Greenville so there was no opportunity for us to work, but it made for a sweet afternoon for everyone before getting back on the road.
Yes this is right down town !!!

here's the hardwoo shop

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