Sunday, 18 May 2014

Fairwell to Nova Scotia - inital preperpations

The weeks leading up to our ascension to adventure , we're spent largely preparing for the unknown months ahead.
My Facebook and Kijiji accounts were littered with anything we owned of value, as I attempted to sell a lifetime of build up from various houses and apartments.
Calhoun worked tirelessly on
preparing the Hardwoo (our van),
replacing the starter and alternator, fixing an electrical problem which turned out to be caused by the car stereo of all things.
We spent a day driving and calling every auto shop in the city in search of a match for our spare tire. Rather than replace all 4 we opted for moving our best two forward and replacing the rears. we spent another day visiting a family friend you helped us install the free back seat we had procured from Rod's (Calhoun's father)van .
Another day we spent scrubbing and scraping years worth of built up dirt from The Hardwoo's interior. As you may have guessed we were not the van's first owners. Calhoun also spent a year or so leading up to the journey moving people and making dump runs for local construction sites. So as you can imagine the interior was hardly "dream home on wheels" worthy when we started. 

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