Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Farewell to Nova Scotia - final week

Our final week was spent largely saying goodbye to our scattered and varied groups of friends, many of which still didn't seem to realize we were finally , actually going to leave.
we had of course been talking about and preparing for a long time but not with the finality that there was now.
We hosted a BBQ on the sunniest day Halifax could muster . It being spring in Nova Scotia it was still pretty chilly once the sun went down , luckily the heat of the bon fire kept Calhoun and a few choice friends jamming late into the night .
We had a colorful turn out , some bearing gifts , Baked goods , hula hoops, poi , instruments and some just them selves, all were greatly appreciated and caused me to reflect on the wonderful friends and family we have in Nova Scotia .
We made some final visits to friends and family and began , perhaps the hardest portion of our preparations at least for me. We packed up all the remaining things we'd been using (or procrastinating on dealing with) evaluated them for worth and either packed or ditched them. Calhoun after tormenting me about bringing too many hats instituted a "hat rating " by which every item was judged by the amount of packed "hat space" it took up, needless to say many silly debates ensued.
I left a few choice items with my parents house, in the city , some of my paintings the ones I couldn't bear to part with , our record collection, my comic book collection and a few of my showgirl costumes.
There was also the boring stuff , obtaining insurance , changing money , making sure our and Girlie's (our dingo) papers were in order and up to date.
Then we packed the van a feat more challenging than you might imagine, given this was to be our home for the foreseeable future. Two bags of bungee cords and three ratchet straps later our happy home is ready to roll. Sort of.
The Hardwoo packed and ready , Girlie takes up  
 her luxury accommodations and we load in Glimmer (my faithful Betta fish) . His tank bungeed in we hug my parents goodbye, and we're off !!!! Well not quite.
We make one last stop on our way out of town ,
at our favorite restaurant (King's Palace), for Dim-Sum. We take a moment to reflect our decisions and the journey ahead over delicious Asian treats and calming jasmine tea.

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