Thursday, 29 May 2014

Headed South - Philli cheese steaks and Fairmount park

spot the Dingo
We arrive at Philadelphia and our first real stop as well as our first item on our wish list , three words ,Philli Cheese Steaks.
Before indulging in the meaty delight though we make a stop at Fairmount park , the worlds  
coyote on the hunt 
biggest city park 9200 acres , It really is beautiful and Girlie is over joyed. We hike for a couple of hours through lush underbrush by adorable little streams all covered by think emerald canopy . Girlie hops through bushes chasing squirrels and birds like a puppy, we're all thankful for the opportunity to stretch our legs and get some exercise this being our first real stop .
By the time we emerge from the park we've worked up quite an appetite, we're ready to try the reportedly best cheese steak in Philli for this we make our way a few blocks from the park to Dalessandro's .
ummmm tasty !!!
The place is tiny bustling and packed , three girls and three cooks are stuffed behind the tiny counter orders being shouted every which way , two flat tops piled high with grilling meat cheese and onions the smell is like music to our howling bellies. There are two slightly less stressed looking waitresses running counter service so we sit there taking shelter from the throng of hungry locals. We realize now we have no idea what we want having assumed there was only one kind of cheese steak (apparently there's lots) we just ask for the most traditional kind to split.
A few minutes later the steaming sandwiches arrive pilled high with meat cheese and onions, we add
hot sauce and take advantage of one of the pales full of cherry peppers every couple of feet along the counter. Half a sandwich is plenty almost too much for me to finish, they are seriously good as are the plump cherry peppers you eat with them, nothing like the knock offs we've had over the years . We are thoroughly satisfied and can scratch something off the list as we climb back in the Hardwoo and head out once more to the open road.  

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