Thursday, 29 May 2014

Fun with border crossings

Nova Scotia/New Brunswick border
We reach St Stephens (the Canadian side of the U.S. / Canadian border ) around 6 . There is an understated sign and a short line giving us a chance to double check all the paperwork is in order and close to hand .
After a few minutes we drive through , they look over our passports and Girlie's papers, we're flagged into a parking spot for them to search the van and ask the same question 20 times.
We're asked to leave the doors unlocked and all the bags , Girlie and Glimmer in the Hardwoo as we're ushered inside to possibly the most uncomfortable chairs I've ever sat in , there we stay for 30 minutes or so as they ask us over and over again  how long we'll be in the states , who we're visiting , all the usual hoopla. Three border guards go through all our papers a half a dozen times mainly our letters from our employers.
Calhoun of course has drunk way too much water and is desperate to go to the bath room the moment we get there , and of course you can't go to the bath  room while your being interrogated at the border, making him fidgety and suspect looking through the whole proceedings. 
Girlie is totally confused thinking the guard station is a store wondering why we're waiting so long and no ones given her a treat, the female guards make a huge fuss of Girlie while the men try to keep some tough exterior act going.
They search the van of course , I can't really blame them, their a lot more careful than I expected and either leave things or put them back where they were quite a challenge considering the amount of stuff we have.
After an agonizingly boring two hours some of which I'm pretty sure I fell asleep for they turn us lose into Maine and the U.S.A.

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