Saturday, 24 May 2014

Farewell to Nova Scotia - One more lobster before I go

Antigonish is just over an hour inland from the eastern shore and we make the journey easily the sun shinning down upon us Calhoun weaves expertly between potholes to numerous to count , Rod caravanning behind us in his own cargo van . We arrive mid afternoon to a warm welcome , Bernie and Richard (Calhoun's aunt and uncle ) insist on cooking two lobsters per person more lobster than any sane person should eat , and I'm happy to rise to the challenge knowing it may be a long while before we see the tasty sea bugs again. We enjoy an evening of wine, beer, laughter and much over zealous picture taking with our hosts and their friends .
I take advantage of this last opportunity to wash the dirty laundry we have already accumulated, by the time it's done, we're ready to retire to a real bed, that is if our nerves didn't keep us up half the night , Calhoun confides he had a dream about the border control stopping the Hardwoo and it being full of spray foam (not sure what that's supposed to mean). The sleep we do get is deep and rich .  
When the alarm  beeps to life that morning we're ready to go , Bernie and Richard treat us to a gourmet breakfast.
Our bellies full we hit the road rain streaks down our windshield , down the road we pull over to say good bye to Rod before we part ways , and we're off to St Stephen and the border. 

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