Saturday, 24 May 2014

Farewell to Nova Scotia-Last minute repairs in Jasper Bog

Our first stop on our way out of Canada is at Jasper Bog Rod's (Calhoun's father ) place , a secluded cabin and artist studio in Malay falls (named for Calhoun's family).
Jasper Bog is a place of great natural beauty, one of Rod's sculptures (the thinker) looks out over the placed lake , unfortunately we arrive just in time for blackfly season.
The persistence of the annoying little bugs making the remaining work all the more tiresome, which aggravates us to no end, being anxious to get on the road again.
Murphy's law in the morning we have another problem, a gas leak. Slightly disheartened visions of replacement tanks and a severe hit to our budget spinning out of our heads, we continue on to the Malay family gathering. Where we glean some good advice from Calhoun's knowledgeable uncle , there's a chance our problem could be due to a cracked O ring.
After some great eastern shore food and hospitality we say our goodbyes and return to the bog , too hopeful to pray.
Rod and Calhoun check the O ring as suggested and sure enough the seal is shot but following our helpful advice they manage to reseal it . Success !!! we're almost ready to go. Calhoun and Rod spend the next two days filling and painting rust spot , and with the help of a little WD40 manage to get the spare tire winched under the chasse again.
I turn my own studies to maps, camp and travel guides as well as our own to do list , plotting  our route for the first two or so and researching busking legislation in our chosen cities , so we would be prepared for anything we could be prepared for.
we spent our evenings with Rod enjoying a few beers and much rich conversation .
In no time Wednesday is upon us , the van fixed and loaded we stop for a much needed shower and freshen up at another of Calhoun's uncle's house, and we're off headed for Antigonish .

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  1. Liking the facial hair! Let me know if you guys stop off in MTL!